UHC/Survival Games! (Realm)

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Apr 22, 2017
@outsins, @payton and I have decided to host a UHC (Ultra Hardcore) and Survival Games mashup (it will have aspects of both games). It will be laid out as follows;

- 6 teams of two (team name required)
- Random spawn-points for each team
- Border shrinks
- Random chests around the map
- Mine for items, get better equipment, ect.
- Health regenerates
- Middle chest/enchantment table

- Rude behavior (i.e. being salty to a person who kills you or your teammate; do not cuss anyone out)
- Hacks/cheats are not allowed (obviously)
- Most importantly, have fun!

Teams (will be updated as players join):
Moe: @Molly & @JoejoeWins
Stale Bread: @Lindsays & @outsins
The Indigo Octipi: @wonderlvst & @FaithyH
Rat: @Poonda & @Art
The N*rds: @zoi & @Deceitfulness
The Weirdos: @Susana & @Karma
The Fluffy Cats: @Narnie & @cal

Candor: @payton and @CampyReel

(teams closed go down to game master)

(Please tell me the Team name you would like and color for your team. Black white and Gray will not be avalible or colors of the teams already listed)

GM (Game Master):
1. @SilentlyAriana
2. @Runnah

(spectates to guarantee no cheating)

TBD (to be dated)

Extra Info:

There will be Teams of 2 players. Around the map, you will have to survive a series of time and events, killing other players and not dying along the way. If you die, you are eliminated, and you may still spectate. During the game, you must open chests, craft, and other stuff you do in uhc and survival games.

You must have Discord to participate. There will be a discord server for everyone who joins so we know when everyone is able to play the game.

This will be taking place in a Realm. I will be choose people to join, do not be hurt if I do not know you or you are not chosen.

(credits to Cat {outsins} for writing 98% of this thread)

Good Luck Everyone and Have Lots of Fun!

NOTE: If all teams are full check the GM to see if there is an open spot still! There will be 2 or 3 GM's
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Sep 27, 2016
Do have an idea of when it will take place? (late this month, next month, etc.)