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Nov 22, 2015
Just wanted to reply to some of the criticisms here.

As someone who has been a member of the server for almost 3 years, I can agree with what you have said. A lot of the older community really enjoyed the past qualities of the server, even if it seemed outdated or too basic. Some things that were apart of the server really made what it was, a fun server for people to be on. A lot of things were very unique to Squishy, like the friend system, and mods getting custom chatcolors, along with the different ranks across the server. There was also new features too that are very cool, like the custom prefixes that are not listed in this (<3, Toxic, Rekt, etc), which have been bought for me/what I have purchased for others. I know it is best to appreciate what new stuff is being given but it just seems too much like other servers, making things very bland. The unique things we did have did not even last long due to it being removed and/or being broken. Having the unique features Squishy once had is what kept me playing here but after the reset last year, it just seemed like another copy of Thomas' other server, which now Squishy is becoming another Fairytale Fallout. This is fully my own opinion but this is what I am saying about how I feel about everything that is being done to the server now.

Edit: It is probably already known that I was a mod here for over a year and in that time period, a lot of the things that I experienced within the team is what made me feel like the effort once put into this place went downhill, and just being treated like a smaller copy of what other servers are out there. Squishy was very different when I first came here but it was very interesting because of the things it had, from what few things I listed. It know it is now 2019 and things need to seem just more outstanding and better but what most people miss the most, is the original aspects this server had. I know I am just one person but I felt the need to state my opinion here as an eye-opener.
I understand your frustration, however at some point things will need to change. Our old servers were incredibly outdated and could not be used for active development, especially those before the last reset (which I also created behind the scenes). The friend system has not up or working for ages, Mods having colors other than Red would be too confusing. The tags which you mentioned are still on the server.

As long as people would like to re-live old times, it is not 2016 anymore and at some point people need to move on. The "unique" features which you mentioned do not shape Squishy, the community does. They are small additions that I can appreciate, but are often broken due to slow development or having to rely on public plugins for budgetting reasons (remember we are not a large player server, only a small community with a small budget).

Ok so right now, a lot of us love the server how it is and how it's set out, we just needed certain things to be fixed, not an entire reset. Some of us were working on huge builds and we understand that reset's do happen, but we weren't expecting it so soon, and is sad for a lot of us.

The new rank extreme seems more like a pay to win scenario, because before hand everyone could mine spawners etc and now you have to have extreme to do so. I don't know enough about the extreme rank but I am a squishy rank and still personally feel that should be the highest rank because the server is called squishycraft.com.

The pvp situation...I feel there should be a factions server created, a pvp arena is fine because then you get to choose if you want to be a part of it or not. But having pvp in survival may/will effect a lot of players..when used in the wilderness. Survival and Factions are different for reasons, and a lot of us would appreciate Survival staying as is.

Many people have commented on contemplating quitting squishy because of huge changes we weren't expecting, we love the server and don't wish to leave, but it's not the way we need it to be or want it to be. To some yes, the huge changes may be exciting and cool and it may attract new players, but it may loose active dedicated players that are enjoying it now.

Coloured chat - I don't know if this is a thing that is definitely happening, but some people find it hard to read certain colours or large amounts of different colours.

Me personally, I love squishy how it is right now, except i knew certain things had to be fixed. I have spent almost every day over the past several months building and creating and making new friends that I never thought I would have. For some minecraft isn't just a game it's a way of coping with life on the outside, it is also fun. And to have something that means a lot to you change hugely can be upsetting or agrivating. Squishy has been a huge part of my life even if for the shortest amount of time...that may seem weird or sad, but it means a lot to me. I never connected with anyone truly on other servers but on here I have so many close friends, and if things change and people don't like it. I won't be able to continue playing with some friends if they choose to quit.

I've given a lot of time and money to squishy, I don't wish for that to be wasted. Though the money isn't hugely important, it's still something I have given to the server.

(sorry if this is a lot but i think I have said everything now)
Thank you for listening
The new servers share a lot of similarities compared to the setup we had yesterday. Behind the scenes lots has changed, but at the front-end you can spot the similarities. I hope this eases the pain at least a little bit.

Extreme isn't a pay to win rank (Squishy is not a server where you "win") - But was introduced to balance out new perks.

Factions is not going to be a popular server, SquishyCraft is not a PvP community. We thought we could incorporate it into Survival for the few players who do like to engage in PvP. We made a poll recently to vote if it should be disabled in the Wilderness. That poll is available here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17230093

Colored chat has been removed thanks to player's feedback.
PLEASE tell me you added a notification before the daily restart
There should be :)
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Sep 29, 2018
Update from my half, so far it seems alright, I have bought the extreme rank, and a couple other things. Few issues with /rank commands and stuff here and there but slowly can see they are starting to work etc. And I know that it was only recently reset so there are bound to be issues here and there. So it's fine ^_^


Aug 5, 2017
I’ve been with squishy since late 2016 and I have been devoted tell the reset in 2018 when squishy went quite dry, I was just hoping to put my opinion

So I very much like the new ranks but I think the original kits and ranking system was much better as you get more for the price you were paying.

Along side that opinion before I don’t like having such a small area and what my island members found is one of the sides are to short for a 100x100.

Through out my time on squishy I have made good and toxic friends and I loved /friend command as it always brought me close to old friends some I still talk to today.

Like people have said before change can be good and bad and some of the new aspects can come in handy but I still like the original squishy that I grew to love over those 3 years of experience.