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Jan 5, 2018
I agree with some of the things, but others are going to be a pain to get used to tbh


Feb 28, 2018
oh exciting ... but theres gonna be a lot of players that will be upset for losing all their massive builds /: ... & a massive new change that happens so soon without any announcement besides one thats prior a day/two before the actual reset...All these changes are going to be really intimidaning.


Oct 18, 2015

Thought i should probably throw my input into any of the concerns here!

I understand a lot of people played squishy, especially back in its inception, because it was a friendly, small fun server, as people said it was outdated and things didnt work right, but it was almost part of the servers charm.

I cannot stress enough, that people must remember there was a few months back, where i was going to close the server entirely, it wasnt getting the attention it deserved ( from me or the admin team ) and there was a huge backlash, which really opened my eyes to how important the server was to people!

Which is why for the last 6 months me and Jesse have been working so hard behind the scenes trying to get things to put the server back in a position where it gets the attention it deserves, from me, the admin team and all of the current and new players that will find it!

are there a lot of changes? yes, there are! all of which i feel with a bit of time you can get used to. The server will still have the same charm as it always had, but will now hopefully gain some traction and turn into the same little family weve always had, but with some new people around!

Please, do feel free to keep airing your concerns and ideas as we do take everything on board. me and jesse are going to be working incredibly hard to ensure that the server stays great!

Hopefully you guys understand!

Thanks :) <3


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Mar 11, 2017
Thank you for all the hard work! I'm sure Squishy will grow and thrive once again.:)
Thank you for your hard work too! Much appreciated. :)


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Mar 12, 2017
Thank you all for your hard work put towards the server. While I may disagree with some of the changes made, I am still glad that Squishy will be updated.


Dec 3, 2015
I'm excited for the changes but many of us disagree with the idea of having all ranks with chatcolor.
Not many players will pay attention to what us staff have to say since chat will be filled with many colors, in my opinion the chat color should be for staff only to keep the chat "clean"
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Dec 24, 2017
PLEASE tell me you added a notification before the daily restart