Skyblock Build Comp: Friday 28th Aug - Monday 31st Aug

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Jun 9, 2019

Recently on skyblock Uzi_Emxly and SandCastles_ hosted a build comp on their island ! The theme was seasons and the people who funded the prizes for the competition are nikkeh and milkttea. Here are the prizes which the contestants could have earned:

1st - 700mil
2nd - 400mil
3rd - 300mil
4th - 200mil
5th - 100mil

(I'm not to sure what the prizes for 3rd-5th are, however they aren't as big as 1st and 2nd).

I have gathered some photos of the builds and the winners ! Some of the builds are partly destroyed as they are being taken down, but these are the best screenshots I could get of the builds!

All the builds:

Those who didn't place (Please note the first two are partly destroyed):





These are the builds which placed! It shall go in running order from 5th place to 1st place:


nikkeh -

lilqcs / SimplySuga -

BadgerCrossing / CloudqXDays

sqdboys -

Congrats to those whom placed !!

Hope you all enjoyed your time at the build comp and I hope everyone enjoys taking a look at these builds.

If you want to see them for yourselves before they are taken down, then do /is warp Uzi_Emxly on skyblock and take a wonder around!

Have a nice day. :)