How to put socials under your posts

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Jan 18, 2020
I have seen that a lot of people put smth like there disc or something like that under there reply or posts I was wondering how people do this


Events Team
Mentor Team
Jan 14, 2019
Hey! You can do this here, you can edit it however you like. If you would just like to link them to your account, you can go here, and scroll down a bit. The second option allows you to link certain accounts like Twitter, and Skype


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Jun 9, 2019
The thing underneath our posts for example where it has my ranks is a signature. As Val said above you can do here: and then with the little water droplet type thing, if you click on that it gives you different colours and then if you go too this link: it’ll give you different colours which you can paste into the box where all the colour are!

Hope this helps with setting it up and all that. :)
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