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New Member
Mar 18, 2020
I'm new to the server, so I want to get to know everyone better! So if you want to just reply with one or two facts about you (plus your IGN so we know who you are), I feel like it could help us people from Fairytale (along with those from Pixel) get to know each other better :3
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Jun 9, 2019
Um so I’m Jell, you shall NOT argue with me over the weirdest person on the server because I am. I play skyblock and survival, usernames TheSpiceOfLife and I’m fun! :)
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Well-Known Member
Oct 10, 2018
Hello! I’m Matti, I normally just skyblock but have checked out survival and factions as well. My ign is AyeMatti. And when you need help ask me and I’ll help! I’m not really a person that just keeps to myself. <3


Active Member
Apr 3, 2020
heyy, so im nina, i mostly always play survival, well actually mostly always afk on survival but i am on. Im actually really nice once you get to know, and i love to collected vintage stuff, like vhs and vinyls. <33 oh yea my ign is ninarii
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Sep 3, 2017
lol hi, welcome to our server! I'm Leya, and I also go by Mae. I'm usually on Skyblock but play on the other servers for a bit every now and then. I really like all different kinds of art, particularly music and dance, and I like doing makeup a lot as well. Hope to see you around!
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Jan 27, 2018
Heya and welcome! Im Sally and my username is sqdboys (karmashop at this point of time but that's the main one)
Facts about me are that I am a skin editor which I'm mainly known for and you could said I'm the 'owner' of the sqd team as people have been doing that. I'm not an active player but if anyone needs help with anything involving builds or skins please just message me or leave me a /mail
Oh! Always I'm a survival player :) enjoy your time on forums.


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Mar 25, 2020
hi i am faz, my ign is faziugur and I am mostly on survival but I have been becoming more active on skyblock lately. I am a big fan of pandas and chill games. I like interacting with different people and making new friends. hope you have fun on the server!