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Nov 22, 2015
Today on SquishyCraft Survival, my friend and fellow village member, orbiejoe, was griefed.
She had just finished decorating her house and she logged off for a while but when she came back on, her house had been gutted on the inside.
She had a bottom floor wit lots of armor stands with every colour of leather armor and a top floor with a checkered floor and named food on the wall. So i have heard.
She was really upset and this caused her to not come back on to the survival game mode. This also usets me because we lost a good member of our small village contiaining 3 others.
She says all of her land was claimed so there was no way someone could've done this to her.
We are still in shock and wondering who this was.
If you could help that would be great but this is also awareness of what could happen and what is happening.
Thanks, BappleTime


New Member
Feb 18, 2016
Thanks Bapple I Hope Things Will Get Sorted In My House And I Get All My Items Back...


Well-Known Member
Nov 23, 2015
Please let me know if you need any help. It might have been a hacker who griefer your house or didn't claim correctly. Is anyone else trusted in the claimed plot?