Counting to 1000 Game

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Jun 9, 2019
Yes, I give FULL credit too Bree for this idea as she was the original maker of the game but I hope this game might make forum games a bit more AlIvE! I am also fully aware that by December 2021 this game won’t be finished. Now, some minor rules I am adding in like none of this:
Person 1: 1
Person 2: 2
Person 1: 3
Person 2: 4 NO!!

That just gets annoying and makes the game look inactive, but, this is allowed.
Person 1: 1
Person 2: 2
Person 3: 3
Person 1: 4 You must let at least 2 more people say a number between goes, alright let’s set this off!! See you all December 2021!!