Counting - Staff Edition !1

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Sep 26, 2016
Ok, so I've seen this on the BeanBlockz Forums and it's like one of the most popular games there. so I decided to make it here too !!

How to play:
So, the name of the game is to Count as high as possible before a staff members breaks the count !

Rules for non staff members:
The only thing you can do as a non staff member is to count as high as they can without a staff member breaking the count. You can not count by yourself.

Rules for staff members
The only goal of a staff member is to break the count. ALL POSTS BY STAFF MEMBERS RESETS THE COUNT. However, the same staff member cannot break the count twice in a row.
Bby_doll123: 1
Donttalktome: 2
[Admin] Minecraftdude21: HEH
Bby_doll123: 1
I_Love_You: 2
[Admin]Minecraftdude21: LOLOL
This scenario is not allowed as the same staff member cannot break the count twice in a row. The scenario that should have occurred would be:

Bby_doll123: 1
Donttalktome: 2
[Admin]Minecraftdude21: HEH
Bby_doll123: 1
I_Love_You: 2
[Admin]TheSky_IsBlue: LOLOL
x_McBoss_x: 1234
I_Love_You: 5..?
This scenario is NOT allowed as the same player cannot increase the count multiple times in a row. The scenario that should have occurred to get to that number is:
x_McBoss_x: 1
I_Love_You: 2
x_McBoss_x: 3
... and so on.
And myself, as a Non-Staff Member, can not break any of these rules. Any rule breaker's comment will be requested to be deleted (that even applies to you special staff members :p) so pls pls follow the rules I laid out for you.
I Don't really expect this to get too popular (As I am not popular here lol) but if we do end up getting to a decent count and a staff member breaks that, this post will be edited including the number of the highest count and the staff member who broke it.
Follow the rules, be child-friendly, and above all, Have fun! :)

Highest Count: 44
Staff Member who broke the count: @Cal
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Dec 16, 2015
a, b, c
it's easy as 1, 2, 3
which apparently is too easy according to the looks of this...

well, you're back down to 0 now have fun


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Jan 4, 2017
(it would be funny if we got to 99 then someone was like NOPEE HAHA xD)