celebration for JackPlays93 getting Manager

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Jan 18, 2020
On Sunday July 5 2020 I will be having a celebration for jack getting Manager at my plot on the creative server(/p visit Jack_The_Beast9) we should have a fun time celebrating jack getting manager
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11 AM CST, 12 PM EST, 5 PM BST
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Convert your tome here:
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To RSVP /mail Jack_The_Beast9
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Jack already gets a RSVP btw
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Update do /pw RSVP on sb or survival to rsvp
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Jun 9, 2019
This idea is sweet!

I am disturb by how many times you merged the message though...

You know you can edit a thread / reply for like an hour after it’s made right? Just at the bottom by ‘report’ etc.
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