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May 9, 2017
Lately I have been seeing a lot of talk about mental illness. I feel that sometimes people are too afraid to speak out. Yet today I felt the need. Anxiety is not me. I am not my emotions. Depression isnt who I am. Its a dreadful feeling. Borderline Personality Disorder isnt just something that goes away, Its a daily fight. Trying to differentiate between what you feel and who you are can be SO challenging. This has become such a prominent issue in todays world, and society as a whole. The sad thing is sometimes people do not understand something they cannot see.

I am me. I am no longer afraid to do whats best for me. I am no longer embarrassed to let people know that mental illness is real. I am no longer nervous about what others will think. I am no longer conforming to those who are too ignorant, or uneducated on the topic of mental illness. (Harsh but true.) I have heard of those (very few people) who mock mental illness or mock those who need medication. Well as a wise friend once told me some people need medication for psychical symptoms. We need medication for psychological symptoms. So unless you are a doctor with a PHD, politely hop off. Sorrynotsorry. Yes sometimes people can beat it without medication and others will be on their medications for life. So please dont feel bad if someone has ever put you down for having something you cant fully control. I will NEVER feel bad or let anyone tell me anything about myself EVER again. I am here for you ALL. I will help anyone who needs it. I would give my shirt off my back just to make someone else feel better, even if its only for 5 minutes.

So to anyone reading this today I just wanted to bring awareness to those around me. If you too are someone like me who suffers with mental illness, Im here to tell you its okay not to be okay. Whether its you or someone close to you. The best thing you can do for anyone who suffers with similar issues, IF you arent too sure.. Is to listen. Just listen. We are not messed up. We arent of a minority. We are human. We are undeniably and wholly human. Dont ever feel bad to just be yourself. The ones who support you will always be the ones who count. I am so lucky to have so many loving and supportive people around me. I am more than thankful for them all, now and forever.
Dec 23, 2019
Mental health can be hard at times, to the point we forget that we are not our illnesses, no matter how we experience it. Great awareness post!