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Nov 22, 2015
Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing okay with the chaos that's been going around the world lately! Player counts are sky high at the moment, and I'm glad you are all able to enjoy some time on the server. In light of this, we haven't posted an announcement in a while! I wanted to go ahead and push a few updates for you all to enjoy. There's lots to announce today, so let's jump right into it.

Fairytale Fallout Merge
First things first, if you haven't heard so already - our server has recently merged with Fairytale Fallout. We'd like to wish all of these newcomers a warm welcome into the Pixel Punchers community, I am sure you will have a great time here! If you are a player that is transferring, please continue reading as this information is important for you.

Rank Transfer
We are offering all players who own a rank on Fairytale Fallout, the possibility to transfer it to Pixel Punchers. Since ranks on Pixel are not the same, this will be done by giving you the equivalent rank of each specific gamemode. Basically, this means that if you had the 2nd highest rank on Fairytale Skyblock, you will also receive the 2nd highest rank on the Pixel Skyblock. Ranks cannot be transfered between gamemodes and are not transferrable to another username. For Creative players there is an exception: If you held a rank on this gamemode, you can choose which Pixel server you want to transfer it to. For all other gamemodes, we have provided a list which specifies the ranks on Fairytale that will be transferred to the ranks on Pixel Punchers.

Survival Server:
  • Leprechaun » Guardian
  • Unicorn » Shulker
  • Mermaid » Phantom
  • Witch » Wither
  • Pegasus » Dragon
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel
Skyblock Server:
  • Leprechaun » Coal
  • Unicorn » Iron
  • Mermaid » Gold
  • Witch » Emerald
  • Pegasus » Diamond
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel

Submit a Transfer
In order to submit a rank transfer, you must fill out a special form. ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM, and failing to do so will leave your transfer request to be ignored. To get started, please follow the link below. For each rank that you would like to transfer, you must provide the date of purchase and the Transaction ID which you can find in the confirmation email. If you purchased rank upgrades, please specify the Transaction ID of the last upgrade.

The transfer form can be found here:
Transfers will be handled as soon as possible. Please be patient while we look into your request.

Spring SALE
You may not realise it, but spring season has started today! In celebration of this, we're also launching a limited time Spring SALE. You'll be able to use code SPRING on the store for 35% OFF on everything, and this promotion will last until the end of the month. If you've been playing for a while, but hesitating to step it up with that rank - now would be the best time to do so!

New PvP Arenas
Our Skyblock Server has had a PvP arena for a while, and we know you've been having fun in there! However... Two other servers were yet to receive this special warp. To change this, we've gone ahead and pushed a brand new PvP map to both Factions and Survival! Both can now be accessed by typing the /warp pvp command on each one of the servers. Compete for the most amount of kills and get your name on the leaderboard!

Sky Drops
To make the new PvP arenas even more exciting, we are also launching a brand new content update in the form of Sky Drops. These Sky Drops are available on our Skyblock and Factions servers, and give players a chance to win some awesome loot! Every 4 hours, Sky Drops fall out of the sky and land into the PvP arena, packing a variety of different server rewards. These come in 3 tiers: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Teleport to the arena to pick these up, but make sure you can make it out alive!

Pickup Filter
Another brand new content update which we have pushed live today, is the addition of a Pickup Filter. By purchasing this new perk in the shop, you will be able to customise which items you can pickup from the floor. This is perfect if you are engaged in a fight, but only want to pickup certain gear. Or, if you are grinding mobs and want to skip certain things from picking up! You can pull up the menu using /pickupfilter, and manage a variety of different settings, such as switching between Whitelist and Blacklist mode. This feature is now available in "Perks" category of the store.

So there you have it - a set of brand new updates on Pixel Punchers! We hope that you enjoy these and look forward to seeing you on the server soon!

Thanks for playing guys!
- Jesse

P.S. Thanks @JackPlays93 for the screenshot.
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Jun 9, 2019
Hot update Jesse! Thanks for like giving people info on the merge and saving our brains of answering questions on survival lol. Tysm!
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