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  1. Breee

    coming out :o

    i think i did this when the server was titled squishycraft but ion remember :) i wanna say that imma proud member of the lgbtq+ i am bisexual :) and i think this is the only place that i can say this without getting judged. so uh thats me heh <3
  2. Breee

    le introduction

    hi. my name is bree. most of you know me i guess, i've been playing here since 2016, whilst taking a couple months break last year. i'm 13, and i mostly play on survival right now. netflix is my second home. thats all :D
  3. Breee

    introductionnnn - bree

    Well it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I’ve changed a lot over the past 2 years so let’s have a crack at this shall we well my name is Briana but honestly I prefer bree/bri I’m bisexual I haven’t like told anyone that but ee My birthdays on national coming out day (October 11)...
  4. Breee

    Why I haven’t been active

    hi, I’m Bree. I’m you don’t know me, hi. I’ve been inactive because of the following reasons ; - I’ve been sort of depressed recently. I’ve been having flashbacks of things happening in the past, ive had thoughts that all my friends are leaving me/dying etc - school, I have 2 assignments due...
  5. Breee

    An Apology for the past

    To anyone who played in 2017 and I was/is friends with. I bet nobody will even read this but... In 2017, I was a spoiled brat. I'll put it out there. I was always complaining and forcing people to treat me better than anyone else. I was thinking about this a few days ago, and it has come to the...
  6. Breee

    Friends Game

    This isn't really a game but it's a big tribute to our friends and to make them feel proud for what they've done for us. Rules: Simply tag or name your friend and write a blurb about them! @LaurensChoice Been there since day one Literally. You're the reason I continued to play Squishycraft...
  7. Breee

    The Slightly Squad

    The Slightly Squad Information: Welcome to the Slightly Squad! A squad that was randomly created by myself on Survival. The Slightly Squad is a bit of a laughter spreading squad to make a wider friendship for myself and many others on survival. We're trying to make a friendly atmosphere and...
  8. Breee

    Fake Reports

    Hola, someone a while ago made this thread but it kinda died.... So I decided to remake it! Here's the format: Username: What they did: Details: Evidence: ------------------------ I'll go first! Username: @Sophia What they did: Were too nice <3 Details: She does it all the time Evidence: My...
  9. Breee

    Updated Intro❤

    Basic Information; My name is Bree I am almost 11 years old I ❤ chocolate milk I love music to the power of 10,000+! Singers/Bands I like; Twenty Øne PilØts Melanie Martinez Alessia Cara Imagine Dragons Friends; Sophia, Lauren, Hannah, Eddie, Nathan, Mel, Melissa, Lindsay, Jingle, Laura, Dark...
  10. Breee


    Ok, don't judge me, but right now I am addicted to Disney merch, movies and plushies and everything. Send me disney pictures, anything. Or nothing at all But I love Disney like seriously doe
  11. Breee

    Should I change my forums name?

    So recently, I've been thinking about changing my forums name to SlightlyBree. Should I keep it as "Smol" or change it to SlightlyBree? Please vote in the poll above. <3
  12. Breee

    IMPORTANT question

    Why on earth did the skyblock inventories reset? I had 3 of my best things, a bow with mending, power II, and flame, a diamond sword with sharpness IV or III and fire aspect and an axe with efficency III. Im just curious as to why is reset :(
  13. Breee

    would you rather?

    Let's play Would you Rather? Here's how it goes ------ [Smol] Would you rather eat Brussel sprouts or cucumber? [thunderSt0rms] Cucumbers Would you rather be friends with Thomas or CPK? [Pumpkinz] CPK Would you rather be banned from your Ipad or computer? ------ And so on. Let's start Would...
  14. Breee

    Nickname ideas!

    Hi, i really need some ideas for my /nick on Skyblock. Please leave your suggestions below =^-^=
  15. Breee


    So today I took about 5 pictures of people in the community and their builds and other things. Here are some of the pics! Somebody standing in the farm Farm Fireplace Ash haha @DatAsh Two people in front of their house Wedding <3
  16. Breee

    Drama (Just what I want to say)

    I just want to say that this drama or whatever is going on should stop. When I heard that two of my bestest friends were leaving I literally cried because I probably would barely see them again. PLEASE STOP THE DRAMA!
  17. Breee

    Let's count to 1000!

    The rules are simple! One person starts with the number 1 the second person says number 2, the third says the number 3 and so on. ---------------------------------------------- If we get 1000 then umm what should I do :> ------------------------------------------------- Let's start. Number 1
  18. Breee

    Bree's 3rd Intro (dontjudge)

    Hi! My name is Bree. I'm 10 years old, and I have been on the forums for a little over 6 months now. I love gifs, especially this one: . When I'm 13, this year I turn 11, then 12, then when I'm 13 I will apply for moderator. if I get it then that'd be a great achievement. But for now, I just...
  19. Breee

    Signature Pics

    Ok, so I've been thinking I should do something nice for the community, so I'm going to be doing Signature Pics. To get one you must do the following: Send me the background pic (put the link in your comment) Send images of any pictures you'd like on it such as your skin, a cow, ect. (again...
  20. Breee

    Thanks Friends!

    @Snowy Thanks for being such an amazing friend since day 1. @Lindsayy We've had laughs and a ton of fun. You have a kind heart and has a strong passion for Melanie Martinez too ;) @meliodqs Thanks, Britt, for being amazing and kind and helpful ever since I met you. @nearlysophia Thanks, you're...