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    Should be fixed shortly

    Should be fixed shortly
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    Announcement New Friends Plugin

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all staying inside and doing well! Today, we are pushing a brand-new content update to the server that has been request for a long time... It's the friends system! Now, you will be able to add up to 200 friends to your own personal friends list, and quickly see who is...
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    FTFO Rank

    Hiya, The form is now available here:
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    Announcement Brand New Content Updates & Fairytale Merge Information

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing okay with the chaos that's been going around the world lately! Player counts are sky high at the moment, and I'm glad you are all able to enjoy some time on the server. In light of this, we haven't posted an announcement in a while! I wanted to go ahead and push...
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    me back guyss!

    me back guyss!