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  1. Jesse

    1000th post

    This is my 1000th post
  2. Jesse

    Important A word on Island Top Payouts

    Hello everyone, Recently, we have received questions from players who are wondering what has happened to our weekly Island Top Payouts. This was a previous feature on Skyblock, which would give payouts to players in the form gift cards and PayPal money - in an attempt to encourage...
  3. Jesse

    Announcement Pixel Punchers July Schedule (The Heat Is On)

    Hi everyone, The heat is on!, and in this post we will be revealing our brand new server schedule, packed with fun events and content updates for the month of July. We hope to make your time on Pixel Punchers an unforgettable one this summer, and we've been working hard at getting teams setup...
  4. Jesse

    Announcement Creative Server Launch & Summer Sale

    We will make a separate announcement in regards to this soon :)
  5. Jesse

    Announcement Creative Server Launch & Summer Sale

    Hi everyone, It's been some time since our last announcement. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe in these troubling times. To hopefully light things up a bit, I would like to share a couple of very exciting announcements regarding what will be launching on Pixel Punchers in the next...