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Announcement Staff Updates + Hunger Games Event

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Hi everyone,

This is just a quick announcement to let you know about two new updates that are happening.

Staff Update
Last week, we processed some changes within our staff team! Some of the Fairytale Staff has joined the team of Pixel Punchers, and we have processed promotions and demotions. Remember you can always keep track of thee in the #staff-movements channel on Discord. For the first time in 3 months, we have also opened up our staff applications! This is the time to let your voice be heard and get your shot at joining your team! If you've ever loved to work closer with us and help improve the experience for the players on our server, be sure to give it a shot. You can find the form for staff applications by clicking here. Please remember that you need at least 25 posts before the form will allow you to post an application!

Hunger Games Event
For the first time in a while, we are also hosting an event again! Tonight at 3PM EST (8PM BST), a Hunger Games event will be available on the Events Server, and we'll be playing a variety of different maps. As always, we'll give out some sweet prices to the winners of the games. This time, we are giving out a $20 store code and special "GameMaster" chat tag for the winner of each game. Prizes are limited to one code per player.

We are currently in the works of setting up an events team & calendar as well. More info about this soon!

Hope to see you tonight!


Announcement New Friends Plugin

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all staying inside and doing well! Today, we are pushing a brand-new content update to the server that has been request for a long time... It's the friends system!

Now, you will be able to add up to 200 friends to your own personal friends list, and quickly see who is online and who is not. You will receive notifications on their whereabouts (login/logout), and are able to quickly teleport to their server by pressing the "Jump" button in the friends list. Hopefully this makes managing your friends a bit easier on the server - we've added a list of commands below so you can get familiar with them.

In other news, I'm happy to announce that two bugs that the server has been dealing with recently have now been resolved. These are related to Player Warps and Wands. On all servers, Player Warps are now functional again, and on Survival and Factions we managed to fix the issues with Wands. Unfortunately these issues took some time to figure out (the Warps one was a huge mystery especially) - but we're glad they are resolved. Warps had to be cleared on Skyblock to make this feature functional again - we hope this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience. On Survival everything is still in tact!

Thanks for playing guys - we'll be hosting some cool new events soon so keep an eye out!

See you soon,

Announcement Brand New Content Updates & Fairytale Merge Information

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing okay with the chaos that's been going around the world lately! Player counts are sky high at the moment, and I'm glad you are all able to enjoy some time on the server. In light of this, we haven't posted an announcement in a while! I wanted to go ahead and push a few updates for you all to enjoy. There's lots to announce today, so let's jump right into it.

Fairytale Fallout Merge
First things first, if you haven't heard so already - our server has recently merged with Fairytale Fallout. We'd like to wish all of these newcomers a warm welcome into the Pixel Punchers community, I am sure you will have a great time here! If you are a player that is transferring, please continue reading as this information is important for you.

Rank Transfer
We are offering all players who own a rank on Fairytale Fallout, the possibility to transfer it to Pixel Punchers. Since ranks on Pixel are not the same, this will be done by giving you the equivalent rank of each specific gamemode. Basically, this means that if you had the 2nd highest rank on Fairytale Skyblock, you will also receive the 2nd highest rank on the Pixel Skyblock. Ranks cannot be transfered between gamemodes and are not transferrable to another username. For Creative players there is an exception: If you held a rank on this gamemode, you can choose which Pixel server you want to transfer it to. For all other gamemodes, we have provided a list which specifies the ranks on Fairytale that will be transferred to the ranks on Pixel Punchers.

Survival Server:
  • Leprechaun » Guardian
  • Unicorn » Shulker
  • Mermaid » Phantom
  • Witch » Wither
  • Pegasus » Dragon
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel
Skyblock Server:
  • Leprechaun » Coal
  • Unicorn » Iron
  • Mermaid » Gold
  • Witch » Emerald
  • Pegasus » Diamond
  • Fairytale » Pixel
  • Royalty » Pixel

Submit a Transfer
In order to submit a rank transfer, you must fill out a special form. ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM, and failing to do so will leave your transfer request to be ignored. To get started, please follow the link below. For each rank that you would like to transfer, you must provide the date of purchase and the Transaction ID which you can find in the confirmation email. If you purchased rank upgrades, please specify the Transaction ID of the last upgrade.

The transfer form can be found here: https://pixelpunchers.net/forums/fairytale-rank-transfer/
Transfers will be handled as soon as possible. Please be patient while we look into your request.

Spring SALE
You may not realise it, but spring season has started today! In celebration of this, we're also launching a limited time Spring SALE. You'll be able to use code SPRING on the store for 35% OFF on everything, and this promotion will last until the end of the month. If you've been playing for a while, but hesitating to step it up with that rank - now would be the best time to do so!

New PvP Arenas
Our Skyblock Server has had a PvP arena for a while, and we know you've been having fun in there! However... Two other servers were yet to receive this special warp. To change this, we've gone ahead and pushed a brand new PvP map to both Factions and Survival! Both can now be accessed by typing the /warp pvp command on each one of the servers. Compete for the most amount of kills and get your name on the leaderboard!

Sky Drops
To make the new PvP arenas even more exciting, we are also launching a brand new content update in the form of Sky Drops. These Sky Drops are available on our Skyblock and Factions servers, and give players a chance to win some awesome loot! Every 4 hours, Sky Drops fall out of the sky and land into the PvP arena, packing a variety of different server rewards. These come in 3 tiers: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Teleport to the arena to pick these up, but make sure you can make it out alive!

Pickup Filter
Another brand new content update which we have pushed live today, is the addition of a Pickup Filter. By purchasing this new perk in the shop, you will be able to customise which items you can pickup from the floor. This is perfect if you are engaged in a fight, but only want to pickup certain gear. Or, if you are grinding mobs and want to skip certain things from picking up! You can pull up the menu using /pickupfilter, and manage a variety of different settings, such as switching between Whitelist and Blacklist mode. This feature is now available in "Perks" category of the store.

So there you have it - a set of brand new updates on Pixel Punchers! We hope that you enjoy these and look forward to seeing you on the server soon!

Thanks for playing guys!
- Jesse

P.S. Thanks @JackPlays93 for the screenshot.

Announcement The Minions Update

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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and has been enjoying the server lately! The past couple of weeks have been crazy and we're very excited about the new players that are joining the server. That being said, we've fixed the majority of important issues and are now slowly going to start rolling out content updates. This will be a weekly/bi-weekly thing and will cover new content for all of our servers.

Today I'd like to announce the first of such updates, and that is the addition of Minions on our Skyblock Server.

This post should learn you all about them, and we'll answer some of your questions below.

What are Minions?
Minions are tiny little creatures which are programmed to lend you an extra hand whilst you are working on your island. They can be spawned to complete a variety of different tasks for you, from slaying mobs to mining ores, collecting items, and even selling them. It's a super useful utility to make your island more profitable and gain an edge on the island top. Minions can also be upgraded to a variety of different levels to improve their skill.

How do I obtain a Minion?
Obtaining a Minion can be done by purchasing one from our store over at store.pixelpunchers.net. Minions sell based on the task that they perform, so be sure to select one that is the most useful for your island. The following Minions are currently available:
  • Miner Minion: Automatically mines stones/ores on your island
  • Slayer Minion: Automatically attacks mobs on your island
  • Collector Minion: Automatically collects drops on your island
  • Healer Minion: Automatically heal other minions on your island
  • Lumberjack Minion: Automatically chop wood on your island
  • Farmer Minion: Automatically farm crops on your island
  • Fisher Minion: Automatically catch fish on your island
  • Seller Minion: Automatically sell items on your island

How do I use a Minion?
After you have obtained a Minion, you will receive a spawn egg in your inventory. This egg is used to spawn the minion and can be activated by right clicking. The Minion will then place itself at the position that you have clicked and is ready for use immediately. There are however a variety of different settings that you can change in the Minion menu, which you can call up by right clicking.

How do Minion upgrades work?
Each Minion has a variety of different levels, which can be upgraded to using in-game cash. Minions start off level 1, and sometimes can go up to 5 levels, which all have their own specific advantages. To check out the variety of different upgrades, simply use /minions upgrades. If you are looking to apply an upgrade, you can do so from the Minion Menu.

What does a Healer Minion do?
Each Minion has health, to ensure that they do not become too overpowered. Each time the minion performs an action, it loses a little bit of health which you can keep track of using the Minion Menu. Minions can be healed by right clicking them with food, however you can also have a Healer Minion do the hard labour for you and automatically heal nearby Minions. This option is available the store.

How do Minions collect items?
When Minions are performing tasks, such as mining ores, you may wonder where their items are going. This is something that you can setup by connecting your Minion to a nearby Chest. Doing so will automatically transport all of your items! Linking a chest is done in the Minion Menu.

What are the limits of placing Minions on my island?
In order to keep things fair and square, each player may place up to 2 Minions by default on the server. This limit can be upgraded to different levels using upgrade packages on our store. However, regardless of what limit you have, the maximum amount of Minions that can be placed in one chunk is always 3.

So that's a quick explanation on how these brand-new Minions work! We hope you guys will enjoy this feature, and be sure to keep an eye out on the website as we will be releasing more updates over the coming weeks. And also, do not forget to take advantage of the weekend sale that we are currently running. Up until Monday afternoon, all of our items are priced at 35% OFF by using code WEEKEND on the store, this also works for these newly released Minions!

Thanks for playing guys!
- Jesse

Announcement Welcome to Pixel Punchers!

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Welcome to the Pixel Punchers Forum!

Thank you for checking out our community! On pixelpunchers.net, you can stay informed with the latest updates on our Minecraft Server, whilst staying in touch with our members! The forums have been divided into several different categories, so everything is orderly and can be found with just a click of a button! Be sure to take a look and leave a post in the Introductions forum!

What is Pixel Punchers?
Pixel Punchers is a brand new Minecraft Server from YouTuber Seepeakey, and follows in the footsteps of SquishyCraft. We offer a variety of different and fun gamemodes, including a competitive Skyblock server, jam-packed Factions server, and casual Survival offering. All of our servers feature a ton of cool and unique features, so be sure to have a look around!

Keep an eye out on our site as we post frequent updates about events and new additions to the server, we're sure that you wouldn't want to miss them!

See you around!
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